Handheld devices such as iOS and Android have taken the world by storm in recent years. They put the world at a user’s fingertips. However, without mobile applications they would be of little use.

Game Studio

Our passion is to create mobile games and to publish them to mobile platforms.

We are able to help you publish your games or applications to mobile apps and assist with marketing efforts.

Mobile Applications

Companies can capitalize on this by creating mobile applications to market their products and services. Innovative companies are using mobile apps to provide a wider range of services to their clients, such as self-help portals, which free up man-power and reduce the overheads of doing business in a traditional manner.

We can procure a subcontractor to create mobile apps for you and sell them via Google Play and Apple AppStore.

One of our services is application development for mobile platforms for both Android and iOS.  Applications can use client-side or server-side processing.

Our team supports a wide range of application platforms and technologies that include .NET development, Java development and mobile apps for your tablet.

Consultation & Experience

Whether you are looking for a social networking app, a marketing app, or a corporate app, we have you covered.

Server Remote Admin Apps

We also develop server remote admin applications supporting open source monitoring modules, such as Zabbix.

Our aim is to provide you with solutions that work for you. We will work with your creative team to come up with a spectacular app.

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