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End-To-End-Encrypted ZRTP OSTN Communication App

Kanzen Systems releases it’s new project in 4Q 2015. This communication suite allows users to communicate securely over insecure networks. We implemented the Opus NB audio and VP8 video codecs and have several privacy-enhancing features in place. Feel free to have a first look at …

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Kanzen Models … new project

We are happy to inform that Kanzen Models, the project of the Polish model Paulina Kuczewska is being started. This is a international modeling agency specialized on brokering providers (male models, children and female models) to clients in Asia. The sourcing is run by Paulina, …

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Inside Bitcoins 24-25 June 2014 Hongkong

Greetings from Hongkong. Our CEO Mr Rene is soaking in all the freshest news from the cryptocurrency world regarding Bitcoins and various other so called Alt-Coins (alternative coins) in Hongkong. See some first impressions    

Relocation to Science Park I

We have moved! Please be aware of new registered office address, valid since 1/June/2014: Kanzen Systems Pte. Ltd. 3 Science Park Drive, #02-12/25, The Franklin Singapore Science Park I Singapore 118223 All correspondence and invoices shall be directed to this new address. (Letters directed to …

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New products in the pipeline….!

At the moment we are working on two very special own product lines. We will be presenting in August 2014: 1. High Security Server Rack with Intrusion Detection pro-active Server reaction switch and Fully back-up-powered Alarm system with SMS text message alerts to your IT …

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All up & running!

Dear Visitor, please feel free to email us, call us, or skype us  – our company set up is finished and since 7/JAN 2013 we are finally registered with the business company registry of Singapore… Raise you glasses…!

International Business Consultancy

We provide a one-stop consultancy and international business training service for local and international service providers who wish to compete on a global scale. Take advantage of our practical experience to benefit your entire company with hands-on training and interventions.

Support of Implementation of Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

As an online merchant, your website can make money for you in your sleep, while international clients visit your site and order your products or services. However, until recently, online vendors have been handicapped by expensive payment processing companies. Today, we welcome you to the …

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New Models for Online Advertisement Controlling

The success of any PPC (pay-per-click) marketing campaign is dependent on how well it is managed. Your PPC campaign can drive you an endless stream of cost-effective leads and high conversions, or it can leave you with a huge marketing bill and no sales.

Application Development for Mobile Platforms

Handheld devices such as iOs and Android have taken the world by storm in recent years. They put the world at a user’s fingertips. However, without mobile applications they would be of little use. Our passion is to create mobile games and to publish them …

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