We provide a one-stop consultancy and international business training service for local and international service providers who wish to compete on a global scale. Take advantage of our practical experience to benefit your entire company with hands-on training and interventions.

Expert International Business Consultancy Brings Peace of Mind

Setting new frontiers in your business is a task which is more easily achieved with expert advice backing your hunches. We will provide you with a full international competetive analysis and business plan, including sales & marketing strategies for the global market.

Let the experts help you tailor business solutions that limit your risk and maximize opportunity. Financial risks can be avoided by doing professional market research and gaining intelligence on customers or suppliers, thus delivering more trusted partners. We also provide logistical support in the market, supporting deal-making; advising on documentation, agreements, payment systems, banking and local finance support.

International Business Setup Support

Setting up a physical business in a foreign country can be an involved process, but we can help you with that too. Our international services include:

  • Human Resources tracing and geographic advisory
  • Banking, currency and asset securing
  • International airfright & seafright advisory with country specific regulations expertise.
  • Investor support and relations
  • Identifying agents, distributors, partners, strategic alliances, technology partners and contract manufacturers
  • Establishing legal requirements
  • Market research and assessments
  • Cost and manufacture analysis
  • Pricing strategy and cost management

We use various analytical tools and extensive research processes to gain new perspectives into complex business processes to develop innovative strategies and tactical options. We provide actionable recommendations to improve your business performance internationally.