As the leaders in IT security solutions, we have worked almost exclusively with European banks, insurances and various other enterprises to ensure that they comply with ISO 27001 IT / data security protocols. Securing client data and avoiding hacker attacks requires great skill within the financial sector, which is particularly vulnerable.

Kanzen Systems Pte Ltd partners exclusively with the Slovakian security expert Nethemba, run by Mr. Pavol Luptak and his team. Our European partner company Nethemba has been a leading company in Slovakia since 2007.

Together we can help you create secure sites and applications. Our team is highly motivated to establish IT security solutions to your online threats, because our regularly best selling product is pay-for-expose … you only pay for serious security vulnerabilities that we expose.

Consumers are more security conscious than ever as threats lurk around every corner. Therefore, a secure platform will put you ahead of the competition in terms of client confidence, engagement and sales conversions. Additionally, it will protect your confidential data and systems.

We will perform security audits on your platform to ensure that it is safe from any penetration by unscrupolous systems and individuals. Vulnerability scanning was founded by hackers, but it now enables us to pin-point the most vulnerable network ports, poorly secured operating systems and at-risk applications in your enterprise’s security set-up. We implement patches that have been released against network penetrations and attacks.

However, our services extend beyond the surface. We go to great lengths to secure your communications and online transactions from interception. We will:

  • Implement a cost-efficient, secure and compliant IT infrastructure with server hardening
  • Provide advice on how to reduce your compliance and security spending
  • Advise you on the best practices for secure communications within your physical and virtual IT environments
  • Provide a protocol for threat management
  • Train you on secure use of new digital crypto-currencies

The IT security solutions process consists of 4 phases:

1. Information Collection and analysis of the website, modules, platforms, WAV and all access points.

2. Vulnerability assessment using various techniques and methods to identify potential vulnerabilities.

3. Threat recreations, using the identified vulnerabilities to gain access to the operating system or application.

4. IT security solutions implementation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your IT security assessment today.