As an online merchant, you have the whole world as your audience. A website can make money for you in your sleep, while international clients visit your site and order your products or services. However, until recently, online vendors have been handicapped by:

  • Expensive credit card companies
  • High fees from escrow services
  • Merchant services that block many countries
  • Complicated payment software implementation
  • Charge backs
  • and more

Recently, a new crypto currency, Bitcoin, was developed. Bitcoin removes all these stumbling blocks and allows online merchants to do what they are supposed to do online – make money!



Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency which can be used online by anyone in the world to buy anything online, anonymously. Vendors receive payments via an anonymous payment link.

There are many advantages for online merchants to using Bitcoins:

  • Monetize new markets – Bitcoins can be used in any country.
  • Lower transaction fees  – Bitcoin transaction fees are lower than credit card companies and other online escrow services.
  • Transactions reflect instantly in your Bitcoin account and are transferred to the merchant’s bank account on a weekly basis.
  • No charge backs – Bitcoin does not support charge backs.
  • Secure – Bitcoin is secure for merchants (even high risk merchants) and clients alike.
Taking Advantage of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is already used on several websites and software applications across the worldwide web. It is used alongside cash and coins to pay for products and services by users anywhere in the world.

You too can take advantage of this new cryptocurrency by contracting us to implement Bitcoins into your real life shopping and monetary transactions.

Monetize markets that were previously unavailable to you by letting us implement Bitcoins into your online store, thus increasing your turn-over.

Bitcoin Mining and it’s modern approach

Bitcoins are generated by so-called Bitcoin mining, where you need to invest computing power into mining Bitcoins. Your mining equipment needs to compute a mathematical task generating certain hashes – which are your personal contribution to finding a complete block of valid hashes.
The generated Bitcoins for one block created by miners, who contributed their hashing power represent the remuneration for that contribution. Your power of computing power contributed is measurable in Hashes per second, or more uses Mega-Hashes or Giga-Hashes per second, which is the number of computed solutions calculated by your computer or special digital mining equipment.
Kanzen Systems Pte Ltd is maintaining variour mining solutions, one of which is CEX.IO tradeable Giga-Hashes, where you can buy hosted mining for Bitcoins trading BTC against live GHs … Look at our contemporary contribution below and click on the picture to open the CEX.IO website in a new tab of your browser.

Bitcoin Explained

Generating a wallet & key